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All games in this collection were designed, programmed and published for the Nintendo Game Boy

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Tetris Plus
Game Boy "Tetris Plus" puzzle game follow up to the original "Tetris" for Game Boy. The game consists of two main modes, Classic Mode and Puzzle Mode. Classic Mode features the regular "Tetris" game with new music and visuals while Puzzle Mode added…

From the box: "Yakko, Wakko and Dot are out of the water tower and running wild across the movie sets of "Bungle in the Jungle", "Remember the a la Mode" and "To Scream or not to Scream". Guide their hilarious hijinks to find power-ups and avoid…

From the box: "Now you can play Americas favorite answer and question game anytime, anywhere! This terrific game pak packs big brains in a small box- compete against a friend, match wits witb the computer, or test your memory alone for fun. Its every…

Baseball was a 1989 game for the Game Boy and was one of four launch titles for the system. The game is actually based on the NES/Famicom Disk System version of Baseball released in 1983, although the background music is different and Mario and Luigi…

PGA Tour 96
PGA Tour 96 is a golf game that features 10 professional golfers as playable or as CPU opponents: Brad Faxon, Lee Janzen, Tom Kite, Bruce Lietzke, Davis Love III, Mark O’Meara, Peter Jacobsen, Jeff Sluman, Craig Stadler, and Fuzzy Zoeller. The…

From the packaging:

"Twisting pix with clever tricks. That's the challenge of Qix!

QIX. It's sneaky, it's snake, it's and un predictable energy field. It rotates, stretches, shortens and changes directions in a flash. QIX tries to catch your…

From Wikipedia: "Tetris is a puzzle video game for the Game Boy released in 1989. It is a portable version of Alexey Pajitnov's original Tetris and it was bundled in the North American and European releases of the Game Boy itself. It was the first…

From the packaging, " Your dignity won't be all you'll lose if you're beaten by the King.

As chief of the interplanetary Police, you thought you put evil King Nemesis behind bars for good. But, fresh out of the Solar Slammer on a technicality,…

Wheel of Fortune
From the packaging: "Now you can play America's favorite game anytime, anywhere! You're the contestant- compete against a friend, match wits with the computer, or spin alone for fun.

This game plays just like the real thing! Spin the wheel and win…
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