Nintendo Consoles and Handhelds

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Nintendo Consoles and Handhelds


Consoles and Handhelds from the Center's collection of Nintendo Hardware.


All devices in this collection were created, designed, and programmed by Nintendo.

Collection Items

Nintendo 64 (Black)
The Nintendo 64 was Nintendo's last home video game console to utilize cartridge based ROMs until the Nintendo Switch over 11 years later. This console's controllers would be the first of Nintendo's products to utilize an analog stick. Being released…

Nintendo DS (White)
The Nintendo DS line would come to be the successor of Nintendo's GameBoy line as its initial introduction incorporated backwards compatibility with GBA ROMs until the eventual release of the Nintendo DSi. This handheld had a variety of capabilities…

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Originally called the Family Computer (FamiCom) in Japan, both its name and design would be altered by Nintendo's marketing team to cater to a more American audience. The major success of the NES in the wider world would come to propel Nintendo as a…
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